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Gold Brocade and Renaissance



Uncovering a forgotten Master: Godfried Schalcken and the Ruysch Portrait. (April 2006).

The Season of Light: Edward John Gregory Remembered. (January 2007).

Impressionists by the Sea. (June 2007).

Turner Goes To Liverpool. (Summer 2007).

The Challenge of Millais. (Summer 2007).

The Metaphorical Louise Bourgeois. (September 2007).


Clarence Crawford. (September 2007).


A Cultural Enlightenment at the Ashmolean: Chinese Prints 1950 - 2006. (September 2007).

Angela Wakefield. (October 2007).

Associations with Sickert (October 2007).

Abstracting Georg Baselitz. (October 2007).

Fish Market. (November 2007).

A Class Divided. Another awakening for the Turner. (December 2007).


Rose Hilton. An Enchanting Grace. (January 2008).


Jenny Pickford. (February 2008).


Saint Phalle docks at Liverpool. (February 2008).


Time for Klimt. (April 2008).


Vilhelm Hammershoi. (September 2008).


Turner '08. The Gender Agenda. (September 2008).


Francis Bacon. His Career in Totality. (September 2008).


The changing face of the Renaissance. (October 2008).


Alfred Sisley comes home. (December 2008).


The identities of Ben Nicholson. (April 2009).

Glenn Brown in focus. (June 2009).

Here comes the Sun. (July 2009).

Futurism: A Vanguard in the Avant-Garde? (August 2009).

Angela Wakefield Revisited. (June 2010).

Meet David Eichenberg. (August 2010).

Art from the New World. (September 2010).

Abstract Expressionism. Peter Lanyon at St Ives. (October 2010).

Up Close and Personal with Peter Randall-Page. (October 2010).

Larissa Exalto. (November 2010).

Sandria. (January 2011).

Enzina Fuschini. (April 2011).

Annya Sand. (April 2011).

Angela Wakefield - The New York Series. (September 2011).


Annya Sand. A special publication by the artist. (April 2011).


How to read Chinese Paintings by Maxwell K. Hearn. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. (The Art Book, Vol 16, Issue 3, August 2009).


Mumford on Modern Art in the 1930s by Robert Wojtowicz. University of California Press. (The Art Book, Vol 16, Issue 3, August 2009).


Gold Brocade and Renaissance Painting by Rembrandt Duits. Pindar Press. (The Art Book, Vol 17, Issue 2, May 2010).


Masterpieces of Impressionism and Post-Impressionism by Colin Bailey et al. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York and Yale University Press. (The Art Book, Vol 17, Issue 4, November 2010).


Gerhard Richter: A Life in Painting by Dietmar Elger. University of Chicago. (The Art Book, Vol 17, Issue 4, November 2010). 

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New Light for Leviathan. (December 2004).

The Way to Heaven. William Herschel's Forty Foot Telescope. (January 2005).

The Earl and the Spiral Nebula. (January 2006).

Herschel's Mars. (December 2007).

Harriot and the Early Moon Mappers. (July 2009).

Herschel's Saturn. (April 2010).

Herschel's Uranus. (January 2011).

Stellar Botany: The History of the HR Diagram. (January 2013).

The Lady of the Stars. (April 2013).

Eddington: The English Einstein. (June 2013).

Herschel's Sweeps. (September 2013).

Caroline's Comets. (August 2014).

Reflected Light: The Story of the Mount Wilson Observatory. (February 2015).


Back in Time. (December 2007).


The History of Astronomy by Heather Cooper and Nigel Henbest. Cassell Illustrated. (BBC Sky At Night, December 2007).

Shrouds of the Night: Masks of the Milky Way by David L Block and Kenneth Freeman. Springer. (Astronomy Now, September 2009).

The Earth Moves: Galileo and the Roman Inquisition by Dan Hofstadter. W W Norton. (Astronomy Now, January 2010).


A Passion for the Planets by William Sheehan. Springer. (Astronomy Now, May 2010).


Women in Early British and Irish Astronomy by Mary Bruck. Springer in association with the Royal Astronomical Society. (Astronomy Now, August 2010).


The Heavens on Earth: Observatories and Astronomy in Nineteenth Century Science and Culture by David Aubin et al. Duke University. (Astronomy Now, September 2010).


Countdown: Or How Nigh is the End? by Patrick Moore. The History Press. (Astronomy Now, October 2010).


The Sky At Night, Vol 13 by Patrick Moore. Springer. (Astronomy Now, November 2010).


Cosmos: An Illustrated History of Cosmology by John North. University of Chicago. (Astronomy Now, December 2010).


Stars Above, Earth Below: A Guide to Astronomy in the National Parks by Tyler Nordgren. Springer-Praxis. (Astronomy Now, February 2011).

Full Meridian of Glory by Paul Murdin. Copernicus Books. (Astronomy Now, October 2011).


Atlas of Astronomical Discoveries by Givert Schilling. Springer. (Astronomy Now, December 2011).


The Power of Stars by Bryan Penprase. Springer. (Astronomy Now, January 2012).


Explorers of the Southern Sky by Raymond Haynes et al. Cambridge University Press. (Astronomy Now, February 2012).


Chasing Shadows: Mathematics, Astronomy and Early Eclipse Reckoning by Clemency Montelle. John Hopkins University Press. (Astronomy Now, February 2012).


The Complete Guide to Herschel Objects by Mark Bratton. Cambridge University Press. (Astronomy Now, March 2012).


The Story of Astronomy by Heather Cooper and Nigel Henbest. Cassell Illustrated. (Astronomy Now, April 2012).


The Construction of the Heavens: William Herschel's Cosmology by Michael Hoskin. Cambridge University Press. (Astronomy Now, May 2012).

Chasing Venus: The race to measure the heavens by Andrea Wulf. Random House. (Astronomy Now, June 2012).


The Sky At Night: Answers to Questions from across the Universe by Patrick Moore and Chris North. BBC Books. (Astronomy Now, June 2012).


A Discovery of New Worlds by Bernard de Fontenelle. Hesperus Press. (Astronomy Now, October 2012).

Stars: A Very Short Introduction by Andrew King. Oxford University Press. (Astronomy Now, October 2012).

Galileo by J L Heilbron. Oxford University Press. (Astronomy Now, November 2012).

The Star Book: How To Understand Astronomy by Peter Greco. David and Charles. (Astronomy Now, December 2012).

Destiny or Chance Revisited: Planets and their place in the Cosmos by Stuart Ross Taylor. Cambridge University Press. (Astronomy Now, January 2013).

Jewel on the Mountaintop: European Southern Observatory through Fifty Years by Claus Madsen. Wiley. (Astronomy Now, February 2013).

The Star of Bethlehem by David Collins. Amberley Press. (Astronomy Now, May 2013).

Stargazing for Dummies by Steve Owens. Wiley. (Astronomy Now, June 2013).

Apollo: The Epic Journey to the Moon 1963 to 1972 by David West Reynolds. Zenith Press. (Astronomy Now, September 2013).


Fifteen Brightest Stars visible from Britain. (written: 1990 - 1993). Published by Aylesbury Astronomical Society; Bristol Astronomical Society; and Association of Astronomical Societies.

A Guide to Circumpolar Constellations. (written: 1992). Published by Aylesbury Astronomical Society.

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Steeple Claydon Revisited. (May/June 2006).

The Return of the Village: Aston Clinton. (January/February 2007).

On the Upper Icknield Way with Thomas. (July/August 2007).

(Written under my pseudonym Fiona Shane).


The Chapel of Mr Keach. (July/August 2007) by Alan Harrup. (Written with my assistance and photographs).


A Chepping Story of High Wycombe. (July/August 2007).





The Last Great Edwardian. (March 2007).





Armstrong Gibbs. (Spring 2012).





Steeple Claydon: A Walk Through Community History. (November 2003).


Northampton: Heritage at its Heart. (April 2004). 

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POETRY and Other Writing


Quiet Poet (1999). (Privately published).

Features: Poppy; Garvaghy Road; and Vangelis A Go-Go.

Do Not Alight Here. (2000). (Privately published).

Features: Oxford Blue; The Rosary; and Grey Day in Staines.

Out To Sea Again. (2001). (Privately published).

Features: Unbroken Tablets of Stone; Merryville House; and Oh, Brass Band Take Me Home.

Selected Poems. (2002). (Privately published).

Features: In Mr Shaw's Corner; The Claydon Witches; and Once An Astronomer.

Single Track Road. (2002). (Privately published).

Features: Sunrise over the Claydons; Job Advert; and The Willow Tree in St Ann's School Field, Springfield Road, Hanwell. 

Sundials and Sun Dances. (2003). (Privately published).

Features: Greensleeves (A new lyric); One Man Has A Sun Hat Going Up; and Elegy To A Lost Soul.

HanwellNorthampton: Fragments and Unfinished Business.

1979 - 2013. (Unpublished)

Round and Around: Selected Poems 1978 - 2020 (To be published in 2021).


Duty of Candour: The Memoirs of Edward Stanton Ross. (To be published 2021).

A Poet At War. (To be published in 2022).

Jottings Sojourn: Not a definitive autobiography of one's life.

(In progress, started in 2017). Features: The Day My World Changed; Does Anything Happen on the Moon?; and Music was my first Love!.

Christmas at Wood End Cottage. A novel.  

(Incomplete manuscript. 1981).

Watching Halley Go. A novel.

(Incomplete manuscript. 1986).

In the Jazz Lounge. The definitive recordings 1975 - 1984.

(In progress. Started in 2017).


I am currently working on a new novel set in the early years of the twentieth century. The main character is a composite of real people of the time and real events. The novel is scheduled for completion by Easter 2022.

A fourth novel is also being planned, unrelated to my other novels and scheduled for completion in Summer 2023.

Work has started on a new book on paintings. (September 2018). This book is likely to take several years to complete, allowing for several years of research thus far to be used and new research!