POETRY and Other Writing


Quiet Poet (1999). (Privately published).

Features: Poppy; Garvaghy Road; and Vangelis A Go-Go.

Do Not Alight Here. (2000). (Privately published).

Features: Oxford Blue; The Rosary; and Grey Day in Staines.

Out To Sea Again. (2001). (Privately published).

Features: Unbroken Tablets of Stone; Merryville House; and Oh, Brass Band Take Me Home.

Selected Poems. (2002). (Privately published).

Features: In Mr Shaw's Corner; The Claydon Witches; and Once An Astronomer.

Single Track Road. (2002). (Privately published).

Features: Sunrise over the Claydons; Job Advert; and The Willow Tree in St Ann's School Field, Springfield Road, Hanwell. 

Sundials and Sun Dances. (2003). (Privately published).

Features: Greensleeves (A new lyric); One Man Has A Sun Hat Going Up; and Elegy To A Lost Soul.

HanwellNorthampton: Fragments and Unfinished Business.

1979 - 2013. (Unpublished)


Jottings Sojourn: Not a definitive autobiography of one's life.

(In progress, started in 2017).

Features: The Day My World Changed; Does Anything Happen on the Moon?; and Music was my first Love!.

Christmas at Wood End Cottage. A novel.  

(Incomplete manuscript. 1981).

Watching Halley Go. A novel.

(Incomplete manuscript. 1986).

In the Jazz Lounge. The definitive recordings 1975 - 1984.

(In progress. Started in 2017).


I am currently working on a new novel set in the early years of the twentieth century. The main character is a composite of real people of the time and real events. The novel is scheduled for completion by the end of 2020.

A third novel is also being planned, unrelated to my first and second novels and scheduled for completion in Summer 2021.

Work has started on a new book on paintings. (September 2018). This book is likely to take several years to complete, allowing for several years of research thus far to be used and new research!

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