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Writer's Block

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

In my humble opinion, there is no such thing called "writer's block". When faced with a blank page, even a sketch or drawing can bring-on words for a writer. Often, we confuse a time of no inspiration or limited ideas as "writer's block", but perhaps a change of routine can alter the stagnated position for a writer.

As a writer dedicated to my craft, I find variety can be the answer to a non-productive period. Taking a break for refreshment or a walk, listening to music, even a sleep, can result in a renewed flourish in writing. My writing downtime is taken up with other activities - pottering around the house doing jobs is one such avenue. Another activity is research. My writing, described by some as detailed to the point of academic, is enveloped with facts from my research notes. Sometimes, just a flip through a book taken at random from my shelves, can spark an idea. Once sparked, I find it pointless to resist the urge to write...

Working on one piece of writing, a novel or poem, can also create its own stagnation. A change of project should not necessarily mean discarding the original work; moreover, taking on a new writing project can in itself create renewed zeal in due course for the original work. It's no secret that my first novel took over 30 years to complete! In fairness, I had written no less than six manuscripts all at varying lengths for the first novel, but 30 years nonetheless to actually complete the final version. In the meantime, I had written over 100 articles and papers, some 60 poems, and achieved a short list of diplomas and two MAs! That said, I never lost sight of my opus - that first novel. Yes there were times when I set down to move the first novel on, but failed miserably in favour of something else that was taking my attention and needed to be written. I got there in the end and now I am working on three different writing projects - two of which should be finished within this year!

So, in summary, "writer's block" is not real. It is a creation within the mind that as words are not flowing for an intended piece of work, all that is required is a change of activity...

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